Բարձրացի՛ր, Բարձրացո՛ւր "Elevate yourself, and elevate others with you" - Homenetmen Motto

Homenetmen was founded in 1918 in Constantinople by Shavarsh Krissian, Hovhannes Hintliyan, and Krikor Hagopian. The term "Homenetmen" is an acronym derived from the initials of the Armenian name of the organization, and it translates to "Armenian General Athletic Union."  Starting with just 4 chapters in 1918, Homenetmen now has chapters all over the world, including the multiple chapters located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and Australia.

The purpose of Homenetmen is to prepare physically healthy Armenians and exemplary citizens who have high intellect and spiritual achievement. To teach them to be courageous and staunch, patriotic and full of love towards their country, law-abiding and disciplined. To develop in them the sense of duty, responsibility, solidarity, and reciprocal help. Installing sportsmanship in their mind and soul.

Homenetmen achieves its goals through:

  • Scouting
  • General physical education
  • Athletic competition
  • Education
  • Social activities
  • Publications
  • Clubs and athletic facilities

Every Armenian, without discrimination against sex, religious, or political belief can become a member of Homenetmen, when they accept organization's constitution and by-laws and submits themselves to its laws and decisions.

With the growing Armenian presence in the Washington area, it was evident that Homenetmen would soon establish itself within the community.  Homenetmen of Greater Washington was founded in 1971, and is currently the oldest chapter of Homenetmen in the Eastern Region.  Through our constant service to the Armenian community, we have been able to establish an organization that unifies our community through scouting, athletics, and social interaction with one another.